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About us


We believe in one community, standing together. For a better today, for a positive tomorrow. Our goal is to enable creative minds to connect and unite for a good cause. To build something that helps people in need. We want to achieve this goal by organizing hackathons, where motivated people find awesome solutions for pressing problems.


Our 2 day hackathon will be held from Friday to Sunday evening. In these two days you can build awesome stuff that matters.

Organizations and affected people will present the challenges they are currently facing.

After discussing solutions and building teams you have 48 hours to build your prototypes.

Afterwards everyone will present their solutions and an independent jury will award the best ones.


The Focus of our first hackathon:
Build our Future. Help the people of Ukraine.

The world is at gunpoint.

In the face of war we still need to stay prudent and positive.
We are facing a massive crises.
We want to use the benefits of technology to tackle this crisis and overcome the challenges at hand.


You want to make an impact? You want to help connecting people?

Whether you are a developer, a creative mind, designer, or independent thinker. Join us!

Just register yourself with your name and e-mail address via the button below. Afterwards, you will get the link to our Discord Server and some details about Hack4Better by mail.

Please have in mind, that the event will be held in English.


Hack4Better is a non-profit and open initiative. Our main focus is to organize hackathons, to connect people and to find solutions for current challenges we all face. We want to provide a platform for creative, innovative and solution driven minds.
Hack4Better was initiated in March 2022, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is currently based in Berlin and Braunschweig.








Do you want to support our cause?
We are looking for:

  • Experts in the field of humanitarian aid
  • People with legal expertise, especially in the field of software and digital products
  • People, who want to put their social media skills to great use for a good cause

Please contact us via e-mail at: